types of massage and their benefits

The Most Popular Types Of Massage And Their Benefits

When looking for a new massage experience, many people get confused about the endless choices they get. You are a high chance of finding it hard to choose between deep tissue and Swedish massage. Different types of massage are designed to focus on other body parts by kneading, pressing, and rubbing the pressure points. Professional massage therapists know how to relax your body and mind by applying multiple massage techniques to relieve your pain and stress. Below are some of the most popular and effective types of massage and their benefits.

Swedish Massage

If you are dealing with lower back pain, Swedish massage in Vancouver, WA, should be your go-to solution. It is the most common massage type for your body if you are new to massage, sensitive to touch, or have too much muscle tension. This gentle massage is designed to loosen your muscle knots by increasing blood circulation and stressing the pressure points. Swedish massage includes kneading, vibration, rubbing, and gentle massage strokes.


Swedish Massage in Vancouver

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is more beneficial for relieving chronic pains and issues such as spinal gaps, shoulder pain, sciatica, muscle soreness, and spinal injuries. It uses more pressure than Swedish massage, where the therapist will use deliberate friction and slow strokes to strike the pain points. It helps maintain a balanced posture and releases the tightness of your muscles. When the tension is released from the deepest layers of your muscles, your energies revitalize, and you feel charged.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is ideal for athletes and gym freaks because they are more prone to repetitive injuries during their sports and exercise sessions. In sports massage, you get the option of a full body massage or focus on the specific parts of the body to relieve stress, pain, and inflammation. Your sports massage therapist will also manipulate your soft tissues, including ligaments, skin, and tendons. Your muscles get stretched and sore when they are constantly under rigorous activity. This type of massage improves flexibility in your body to improve your performance and reduce the chances of serious injury.

Reflexology Massage

Experts of reflexology massage believe that certain parts of your hands and feet are directly connected to the other significant parts. An RMT map guides massage therapists about different parts of the foot or hand and how they are related to your back, stomach, heart, and other parts. For example, putting stress on a specific point on your foot can ease your back pain or resolve your stomach issue.

Relieved Stress

Men have to juggle a lot of stuff. They are often multitasking trying to balance their work, family, and social life. It can be stressful sometimes, from which they also need a break. Frequent headaches, lack of appetite, and increased blood pressure are some common signs that you are under stress. Asian Angel Massage offers Swedish massage, hot stone massage, and multiple other services to help you reduce stress by relaxing your mind and body.

Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage service is highly diverse and unique. Stones are heated and placed on different parts of your body, including your back, shoulders, neck, feet, toes, stomach, and palms. Professional masseurs conduct this detailed therapy using kneading, vibrating, circular movements, and long stroke techniques to relieve pain and stress. Heat mixed with gentle pressure and smooth movement on your body improves blood circulation, reduces muscle tightness, and elevates relaxation.

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