Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage is a type of massage that was developed in Japan and traditional Chinese medicine. Since the 1970s, it has gained popularity all over the world. Shiatsu describes the method in Japanese for “finger pressure.” In shiatsu therapy, pressure is applied to pressure points on the body with the thumbs, hands, elbows, knees, or feet. In traditional Chinese medicine, pressure points are referred to as meridians, and this type of massage also emphasizes rotating and stretching the limbs, joints, and meridians.

5 Benefits Of Shiatsu Massage

1. Muscle Pains and Arthritis

The acupressure and Shiatsu massage services Vancouver, WA, reduce the symptoms of arthritis. When suffering from arthritis, the hands and feet are the best places to apply it. Shiatsu stretches muscles and nourishes them through improved technique. It also lessens muscle aches.

2. Migraine Headaches

The throbbing headache we frequently experience on one side of our heads is called a migraine. Shiatsu massage relaxes the body and improves blood flow and circulation, relieving headaches and migraines. 

3. Pregnancy

Shiatsu massage has long been used to support women during their monthly cycles and lessen symptoms like depression and menstrual problems. This kind of massage is also applied during pregnancy. It can reduce morning sickness and swelling that is frequently brought on by pregnancy.

4. Circulatory and Digestive Systems

Shiatsu massage services Vancouver, WA, additionally support our digestive and circulatory systems. A massage improves blood circulation and cell hydration throughout the entire body. This also has the advantage of making it easier for us to digest food and remove waste, thanks to our digestive system. Deep tissue massage also increases vitality and burns fat, which both help to increase stamina.

5. Skin

Shiatsu massage services Vancouver, WA promote blood flow through the soft tissues of the skin. The massage helps the sebaceous glands release sebum, which maintains the moisture and smoothness of our skin. As a result, the skin won’t crease. Shiatsu massage improves the skin’s appearance and gleam by increasing blood flow.  

What To Expect During A Shiatsu Massage

A deep tissue massage evaluates the patient and gauges their qi state before the session to plan it. Depending on the person’s general energy level, the presence of blockages, and other factors, the practitioner may use a variety of protocols.

For instance, the practitioner of Asian angels massage may use techniques to reactivate or stimulate the circulation of the blood and qi when a patient has low energy levels. In the interim, they might use strategies to diffuse excess energy in stressed-out and anxious people. Practitioners use their thumbs, fingers, palms, and knees to perform manual techniques like holding, stretching, tapping, pressure, kneading, and soothing. Additionally, they might perform more joint mobilizations, rotations, and body stretches.

The therapist may occasionally ask the patient to adjust their position so that they can focus on particular meridian points where energy is stagnant or blocked. Instruments and oils are not used in shiatsu. Individuals are fully clothed and typically lie on a futon mat that is placed on the floor during a session, though lying on a massage table is also common.

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