Walk On Back Massage

Vancouver, WA

Back walking – A Heavenly Experience

Back walking is commonly known as Ashiatsu Massage where Ashi means foot and atsu means pressure. Back walking massage is a form of massage technique and it was considered a healing art. The therapist will apply deep pressure to your back with his feet to help relieve your muscles and activates the self-healing competence of your body. It’s a surreal experience for a person. It not only relaxes the body but also opens the energy carrier channels of the whole body.

People believe that walk on back massage therapy firstly originated in the East. And this technique travels across many continents with a time span of more than 3000 years. The Ashiatsu massage has got different styles originating from countries like India, Japan, China, and Thailand.

How is Walk On Back Massage Performed?

In this Massage, the massager literally walks barefoot on your back. He holds ceiling bars and any other props to balance himself. He supports his body and also applies pressure to your body as much as you want. This massage technique provides the body a deep tissue massage in Vancouver, relaxes the aching muscles, and reduces pain, stress, and anxiety issues. it also improves the functionality of the body and induces the feeling of happiness in customers.

Benefits of Ashiatsu or Walk On the Back Massage

  • Ashiatsu boosts the body’s natural healing process and opens the energy channels throughout the body.
  • It goes deeper into the soft tissues to reduce pain, and muscle tension and flushes out the pain-causing soreness.
  • It improves body flexibility by stretching the tissues
  • It reduces cholesterol levels, reduces stress, and leads to a deeper state of relaxation.
  • It improves blood circulation, leads to better oxygenation, and releases toxins and wastes out of the body.

Walk On Back Massage Price:

To make it all the more affordable, our Walk on Back Massage services start at a mere $40 which makes it affordable for everyone looking to get a full body massage in Vancouver.



Vancouver, WA

Walk on Back Massage

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