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Treat Yourself To A Relaxing Couple’s Massage in Vancouver, WA

Some of the best things in life are shared with someone you truly love. The idea of getting a soothing massage is tempting, especially when you get to spend time with your partner through it. Relax and unwind all the stress with a relaxing couple massage session with your partner at Asian Angel Massage

Whether you want to end a fight with your significant other or do something different on your anniversary, our couple massage services are just right for you! Our goal is to create improved relationships through enhanced communication and trust, decreased anxiety and depression, increased intimacy, and improved overall health. Our professional therapists are attuned to your body’s needs and can eliminate all pain in your muscles, thereby rejuvenating and relaxing you from head to toe.

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Spend Quality Time Together Relaxing

Massages are an amazing way to feel wonderful and melt your stress away. They help in healing an injury, releasing pain to stable blood pressure, and much more. A massage with your partner can be the best personal experience that provides benefits both mentally and physically. Asian Angels Massage offers you the best couple massage packages. This massage takes place in the same room, on two different tables with two different therapists.

Most couples find it hard to spend quality time together because of their busy routine. A couple massage can be a purposeful and planned reconnection. They can chat with each other or simply enjoy the experience together. Massage therapy can help in increasing feelings of affection and intimacy by releasing oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine into the body.

Private Rooms

Experience a luxurious massage for you and your partner in our private rooms. Serviced in plush comfort and privacy, our couple massage experience will leave you both feeling relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated. We offer individual rooms with extra comfy body massage beds. All our rooms are equipped with sunshine and soft lighting that can brighten up your day. As soon as you arrive, you will receive a welcome drink with fruits and snacks to make the experience more enjoyable. 

Different Massages We Offer To Couples in Vancouver

At Asian Angel Massage, we strive to provide you with the highest quality services for you and your loved ones. Whether it is relaxing massage therapy, hot stone, or chair massage, we’ve got you covered. Our exclusive spa treatments are designed to address your physical, mental, and spiritual needs through a range of different massage types.

Foot Massage 

The more we are getting indulged in their busy schedules, the more stress and tension seem to take a toll on us. The pressure of job responsibilities, family duties, personal demands, and the anxiety to enjoy life put so much pressure on our bodies that it ends up in fatigue and illness. Foot massage is an excellent way to relax your mind and ease your body pain due to its various benefits. It is an essential part of a holistic treatment of the feet. It is a proven method of treating various diseases, improving your health, and enhancing your quality of life. Give your tired feet some rest with our partnered foot massage services. Our expert reflexologists know multiple techniques to help you and your partner get rid of any chronic pain that you may have. 

Deep Tissue Massage

No one is better suited to give you a deep tissue massage than our qualified massage therapists. They are trained professionals who understand the body, how it works, and the pressure points that need attention. Let us treat your body with precision to reduce tightness, knots, and tension. 

Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is a natural therapy where heated stones are positioned on parts of the client’s body to maximize the therapeutic benefit. We typically use river rocks that are pre-heated in sanitizing water before use. We will leave you and your partner feeling relaxed and recharged so you can go take on life again. 

Benefits of Couple Massage

Couple’s Massage allows you to experience the therapeutic benefits of couple massage with your loved one in the same room and at the same time. The two of you can talk during your massages, or it can be a quiet relaxing experience by itself. Our massage is ideal for any couple trying to reconnect. There is nothing more relaxing than sharing an experience together with your partner, and our couple massage does just that! It gives you quality time together, which helps improve communication and enhance your relationship in general.

It is also a great way to introduce a partner who has never gotten a massage before in a way that makes them feel more comfortable the first time. A couple of massage sessions can be a bonding experience. It also allows you to fully relax and enjoy your massage, rather than worrying about what your partner is thinking.

A couple massage is best for partners because they experience it together they can chat with each other when the therapist is working on each person. Asian Angels massage turns this into a romantic event by setting the therapy in a special room or suite, or in the couples’ guest room or hotel room.

To make this event more romantic we add an extra special touch by arranging Jacuzzis, dual soaking tubs, and shower facilities, we also offer irresistible drinks like strawberries and champagne as a luxurious treat. But couple massage is more than this romance. It offers a double dose of benefits for couple massage people can reconnect and come a bit closer because of this couple massage. So this massage can enhance intimacy too.

At Asian Angels Massage in Vancouver, we want you to enjoy a relaxing and refreshing massage with someone close to you. Hit us up and we will suggest to you and your special one what to expect from massage treatment and ensure to choose the right massage therapist for both of you. If you need more information about our massage therapy services Call us at (360)213-3265

Our Couple Massage will be a hands-on, memorable experience that you would love to recall for the rest of your lives. During the massage, our professional therapists also teach you how to connect with your partner. Most importantly, you will learn how our massage connects you with your partner!

Couple Massage Pricing:

Our Couple Massage Pricing packages depend on the type of massage you and your partner would like to get. We’ve divided our services into two sections

  • Couples Body Massage
  • Couples Foot Massage

Couples Massage (Body) Prices

Time Prices
30 Minutes $80
60 Minutes $120
90 Minutes $180
120 Minutes $240

Couples Massage (Foot) Prices

Time Prices
30 Minutes $60
60 Minutes $100
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