Deep Tissue Massage vs Swedish Massage | Techniques and Benefits

Deep Tissue Massage vs Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue Massage vs Swedish Massage | Techniques and Benefits

People usually get stressed with their busy routine, and this stress leads to fatigue, muscle knots, and lack of focus in everyday life. Massage is preferred by almost everyone as it is the best alternative to medicine and helps people in so many ways. Breaking the tensions among the muscles and providing comfort, massage is the best therapy to get relaxed. But the only problem that the majority of people face is the selection of massage therapy.

At Asian Angels Massage, we give our best to provide our clients with the best guidance and extraordinary massage services. All of our massage therapies have immense benefits, but the two types of massage that we usually recommend to our clients are Deep Tissue Massage and Swedish Massage. These two massages have amazing benefits and are very commonly practiced around the world. A complete guide for Swedish Massage vs. Deep Tissue Massage is provided below.

How is Deep Tissue Massage Different from Swedish Massage?

Swedish Massage and Its Benefits

Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage may look the same, and this is why many people fail to realize the difference between them. The difference between them is in the form of technique and the focused body areas. Swedish Massage is many times termed the classic massage because it is very common among people.

  • Technique

At Asian Angels Massage, techniques used in a Swedish massage involve long strokes, kneading, deep, circular movements, and passive joint movements. Swedish massage is practiced to provide a person with comfort and relief from muscular tensions. Our therapists focus on the areas of the neck, shoulders, and lower back of your body because they are likely to get muscular knots.

  • Advantages

Swedish Massage is very important for people who live a stressful life and comes with several benefits related to your health. It decreases stress and provides you with relaxation. Body posture becomes better as it improves flexibility among the muscles. Swedish Massage also plays a vital role in increasing blood flow, and it also boosts the immune system.

Deep Tissue Massage and Its Benefits

Many therapists don’t usually guide on Swedish massage vs. deep tissue massage, but at Asian Angels Massage, we guide our clients in the most detailed way. We provide a complete guide to our clients so that they can choose what is best for them. Some people may find Deep Tissue Massage similar to Swedish Massage, but the technique is slightly different. 

  • Technique

Like Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage also uses kneading and long strokes techniques, but the applied pressure is way more than applied in Swedish massage. The main objective of a Deep Tissue Massage is to apply deep pressure to reach muscles, tendons, and fascia and reduce inflammation among the body’s softer tissues. 

  • Advantages

Deep Tissue Massage has more health benefits as compared to Swedish massage. It is the ideal choice for athletes and helps in boosting their performance. Reduces muscular tensions and releases stress from your mind and body. Provides comfort to people suffering from chronic pain, especially in the lower back.


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