The human body has a predictable functioning system; you exert it beyond its limits, and it collapses or suffers great exhaustion. Sometimes, a good night’s rest and other painkillers can’t do much to relieve such tiredness and pain. Worn-out muscles and joints need extra care to regain their strength and vitality. A specifically targeted force, like a massage, becomes a much-needed resort.
Massages are a great way to trace and heal physical issues, stiffness, and chronic aches. In this blog, we are talking about a specific form of massage that involves people walking over you or, more specifically, walk on back massage. Otherwise known as the Ashiatsu Massage, back walking massages offer many benefits, some of which have been mentioned below. But first, let us understand how and why an Ashiatsu Massage works. 

How it Works

Contrary to popular belief, this massage isn’t as scary as it sounds. A walk on back massage is highly advantageous, and its relief is truly monumental, so despite minor risks, some people choose to get it done voluntarily. And when a highly skilled masseur performs it under controlled environments, the results can be truly surprising. To answer your ‘how’ question, An expert practitioner applies force by using their feet on your back. They use the railings above the bed to implement the force and choose their angles. The force, direction, and duration are specifically applied to avoid injuries and decrease pressure.

But why is it so effective? The exerted pressure activates the body’s immune system and releases the knots between large muscle sections. The weight and precision team up to target and ease any discomfort or pain. This combination leads to a well-executed muscle therapy worth experiencing at least once. Here is an elaborative list of benefits Ashiatsu Massage provides: 

  • Relieves Muscle Tension and Tightness 

Active communication is encouraged during the session. This means you can tell your practitioner whether the pressure is too less, just right, or too much. The process is tweaked to make it bearable and beneficial without unnecessary pain. The knots and rigid points between the muscles become soft and expand as a response to the exercise. Immense relief and relaxation come from the massage induced by someone walking on your back. 

  • Positive Influence on Posture and Joints 

The kneading and engaged motion impacts the ligaments and joints as much as the rest of your back muscles. Allowing the body to perform actions smoothly leads to better elasticity across the muscular system. This could be a huge treat for someone stuck in a 9-5 desk job. Long-term exposure to muscle pain can impact our mood and productivity. But with walk on back massage, you can balance your work routine with your physical health. 

  • Improves Flexibility and Movement 

The muscle elongation that comes with this form of massage is aided by gravitational force, which amplifies the effect of walking. The improved connection between muscles and joints allows for a wide range of motion. With the targeted stiffness gone, the body can experience a natural and less straining form of flexibility. Ashiatsu’s physical benefits are so useful that it has become a recommended therapeutic routine for various athletes involved in strenuous activities and exercises.

  • Maintains Optimum Cortisol Levels 

The added stress, work anxiety, and tiring routine can impact more than just your body. A body running on autopilot isn’t a healthy one. It runs actively due to the constant release of hormones like Cortisol, which keep our body in a constant adrenaline-driven mode. Ashiatsu massage keeps Cortisol levels minimum and enables a stable heart rate. Physical therapy relieves physical pain and directly impacts mental health, leading to a calmer and more relaxed state of mind. 

  • Alleviates Chronic Pain and High BP

Some forms of muscle pain are too deep-rooted to get rid of. Even normal exercises and medication can’t fully soothe people with Chronic pain. In such scenarios, walk on back massage techniques can prove to be a saving grace. Not only do they help you regulate such conditions, but they also lead to reduced occurrence or decreased intensity. So when nothing seems to work, a good ol’ massage can do wonders for your physical well-being more than modern medicine and technology.

  • A Good Source of Deep Tissue Therapy 

The benefits of Ashiatsu massage outweigh the few risks, and rightfully so. This deep-tissue therapy has been proven to increase agility, relieve pain, and enhance flexibility. Deep tissue massage relaxation has twice the effect of a normal massage due to its detailed and attentive care. A monthly Ashiatsu massage can do more for your body than a simple walk can. So, utilizing such therapies is a good choice for stubborn muscle aches and stiffness. 

  • Boosts Immunity and Blood Oxygenation 

The intense pressure doesn’t only loosen muscles; it also breaks down toxins and flushes them out of the body. This allows for better cell growth, healing, and rejuvenation. A better blood flow is another positive effect this massage leaves on your body. The overall defense and growth mechanism is directly enhanced due to Ashiatsu Massage. 

The Final Words

Now that we have covered all the amazing benefits of Ashiatsu Massage, it’s time for you to give it a try! Head to our website and book a shiatsu massage in vancouver, WA, or a nearby location for yourself right away! Our massage experts are always available to provide a relaxing Ashiatsu session in a soothing environment. 

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